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The following are examples of how inexpensive a bikini girls promotion can be. our girls are a cost effective way to stop traffic - literally. 


2 Bikes and 2 Girls $260 per hour

2 Girls and 2 Sport bikes.

Maximises exposure when space is limited.


2 Girls and a Ferrari $280 per hour

2 of our Bikini girls and a Red Ferrari.
This really draws a crowd


3 Girls and 2 Ferraris $460 per hour

3 of our Bikini Girls and 2 Red Ferraris.

A real show stopper that turns every head in the place.


Bikini Fishing


Fishing and 2 Bikini Girls $93 per person

A budget 8 hour fishing cruise for the cost conscious. up to 30 people with 2 bikini girls.bikini boat option 1

$2800 Total.



Fishing and 3 Bikini Girls $126 per person

Have a crowd to entertain...?
Take up to 30 people fishing aboard a large fishing boat with 3 Bikini Girls. bikini boat option 2
$3800 Total.


Fishing and 2 Girls $173 per person

For the diserning crowd.

Relax with 26 of your friends aboard a luxury motor yacht with TWO Bikini girls serving drinks

bikini boat option 3 $5000 Total.



* all prices are exclusive of gst


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